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Interior Varnish

Interior Varnish
Interior Varnish

  • Interior Varnish

Interior Varnish

HKD 89.00
It restores the natural oil of the wood that loses as it ages, so the natural sheen can be regenerated. This is a popular wood treatment to replace natural oils removed by weathering. Cotswold Teak Oil can be used internally and externally on unpolished wood surfaces and is especially suited for use on wooden garden furniture. It contains super low odour solvent carrier to aid penetration of the oil into hardwood such as Oak and Teak.
Mahogany  (Satin) Mahogany (Satin) Ash (Satin) Ash (Satin) Pearwood (Satin) Pearwood (Satin) Beech (Satin) Beech (Satin) Light Oak (Satin) Light Oak (Satin) Birch (Satin) Birch (Satin) French Oak (Satin) French Oak (Satin) Medium Oak (Satin) Medium Oak (Satin) Antique Pine (Satin) Antique Pine (Satin) Dark Oak (Satin) Dark Oak (Satin) White Ash (Matt) White Ash (Matt) Almond Wood (Matt) Almond Wood (Matt) Clear (Matt) Clear (Matt) Clear  (Satin) Clear (Satin) Teak  (Satin) Teak (Satin) Walnut  (Satin) Walnut (Satin)
2.5L 250ml 750ml

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